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SW Pigs


Ashara Rages – KS Special

I removed the earlier pictures.

They were lame, and I did them in a rush. Some last minute changes to the model didn’t pan out.

So, I ‘rewound’ the Asharah’s paint-job, using an earlier photo as reference, here:


After that is were it started to get away from me, a bit.

I can already see roads untaken… Will post newer version soon.

death bags

Wow, Bazillion pictures.

Okay, so lots of stuff from bags 96 and 180 –

Death Bags 03Death Bags 02Death Bags 07Death Bags 05Death Bags 06 Death Bags 04The last guy came out a little fuzzy, oops! Also, he didn’t come with wings (aw, too bad). I took a closer look at those Forsakers, and I can see why they didn’t meet Adam’s eagle eye quality test – but I’m certainly looking forward to doing what I can with them.

So, some Morland figures arrived the same day –

54mm 02 Mab 01Nice. I like those a lot.

Also, here’s some bases I started making with the stamps from the Happy Seppuku KS  – (oh crap, why didn’t take a picture of the actual stamps? shoulda…)

Sep Bases 01 Sep Bases 02I’m waiting for a set of Secret Weapon washes/Pigments to arrive before I finish those off – also that wood base is gonna get hit with a matt varnish which should tone it down a bit…

Here’s Lilith  (yeah, I see the hairs stuck on her coat now..)

Lil 02 Lil 04 Lil 05

I wish you guys could hear this Nina Hagen song that’s blasting while I’m doing this. I can add a music player? Is that right? maybe later… But a nice transition into some WIP’s like Bombshells Valkyrie (so close to done) –

Valkyrie 06Val 01 Val 02Been working on faces. Here’s the Girl (colors are all wrong, but the face is coming along) –Girl 06Girl 07She doesn’t look bad in hand, but blown up like this she’s a little garish.  -whatever.

Lastly, but not leastly, some TKP WIP –TKP 01 TKP 02 TKP 03See that hole I drilled into her left hand? There’s another sword that goes in that. The cleavage got a little obscured by paint, so I took a blade to it after. That should work out okay by the end.

That’s a wrap for now. There’s more, but I just felt like hitting some highlights.

Ha highlights….