Sculpy Board 01 Sculpy Board 02 Sculpy Board 03

SW Pigs


my df caverns

I started painting these Jan 1st., as part of a New Year’s resolution to paint more. I wrapped it up with the following pictures March 2nd. The final pictures of a 3′ x 3′ gameboard, I took a couple nights ago.

Ice Caverns – This is 4 sets worth. I’ll get two more.

Ice Caverns 00

I vividly recall painting these during an epic snowstorm mid-February, completely snowed in for the weekend, with plenty of reference material on hand.

Ice Caverns 01

The storm was blasting the house from all sides, as I was drybrushing the tops of the ice walls.

Ice Caverns 02


The main set here is about 380 pieces –

Elevations 01

I saw a few wonderfully painted Cavern sets on DF’s forums; lots of earth tones, muds, caramels, cinnamons, glazed honeys, and golden highlights, and that mirrored my thinking about possible schemes – However, somewhere early on, I started to bring in Green along the walls (almost asparagus, really), and the whole set started to feel more ‘jungle-like’.

DF Walls 00

I have some miniatures wargames which would be well suited for that type of environment (Arcworlde, Shadow Sea, and Hell Dorado for example). So… with Tarzan meets the Phantom as the baseline, I made lots of coffee, and destroyed some brushes.

Floor Tiles 00Floor Tiles 01

About halfway thru, I had a good handle on balancing the greens and browns, but the accents were breaking loose into oranges and purples – it all started to get very HR Puffenstuff. I endeavored to scale it back to ‘mildly surreal’, but I admit that’s some pretty weird vegetation.

DF Corners 00

One of the last fixes (and a major one) was this:Drybrush Fix 00On the right, is Pokorny Paint Cavern Drybrush – which was a little too “cold”. I needed to bring up the earth tones, and maybe even a hint of sunlight. I arrived at this simple formula for the Final Drybrush on the left: (Pokorny Paint) 50% Olive Dry, 50% Cavern Dry, and a few drops of Vallejo Transparent Yellow. It looks spectacular in Real sunlight.

Last weekend I set up a 3′ x 3′ board in the dining room (which has great lighting for playing, terrible lighting for photos). It was just for a quick demonstration, so I didn’t actually plan it out very much. I used about 3/4 of the whole set. The large statue-like pieces are from the pet store. They’re for aquariums, I think.

3x3 board 003x3 board 01

I couldn’t find any pictures of just the water tiles. I took 3 runs at them, and finally settled on these very matte blues.

3x3 board 02

I learned a lot from doing this, and many brushes died heroically.

* also, I set aside about 160 pieces for an alternate color scheme, Red & Black. I haven’t done them yet, but I ran a quick test…DF Red Test 00


These are tiles I made from

Happy Seppuku Model Works’s

Your Board moulds, Texture Stamps, some Sculpey clay, and paint.

This is my first batch, which I raced thru on the day they arrived (…well most of the work happened then, tho I gave them a quick once over this morning).

Here they are basking in the summer heat:

SeppTown Final 00

SeppTown Final 01

SeppTown Final 02

SeppTown Final 03

Here’s some WIP’s:

SeppTown 02

SeppTown 09

SeppTown 11

SeppTown 08

Also, some bases I made with the stamps (and milliput) –

SeppTown 04SeppTown 03















and this is where I wrapped up the first day, feeling very good about it –

SeppTown 06

The 3″x3″, 2″x3″, 2″x2″, 1″x2″ ‘s all feel good. The larger one I made (a 5″x3″) seems like it’s living on borrowed time. I’ll try a 3″x4″ but that might be pushing it. Still, that’s a lot if choices.

I should also point out that having a variety of Texture Stamps really opens things up. I also wish I’d gotten more wall molds.

I started to think about where I could take these sets, and about buildings, and rudimentary structures – SeppTown 13

so these happened just yesterday…  SeppTown 14


– of course now I’m envisioning buildings with double backed wood-post supported 6″ long walls, second stories, front (and back) door, maybe a porch, etc.. but I need more clay.

Thanks, Sepp.



Ashara Rages – KS Special

I removed the earlier pictures.

They were lame, and I did them in a rush. Some last minute changes to the model didn’t pan out.

So, I ‘rewound’ the Asharah’s paint-job, using an earlier photo as reference, here:


After that is were it started to get away from me, a bit.

I can already see roads untaken… Will post newer version soon.

death bags

Wow, Bazillion pictures.

Okay, so lots of stuff from bags 96 and 180 –

Death Bags 03Death Bags 02Death Bags 07Death Bags 05Death Bags 06 Death Bags 04The last guy came out a little fuzzy, oops! Also, he didn’t come with wings (aw, too bad). I took a closer look at those Forsakers, and I can see why they didn’t meet Adam’s eagle eye quality test – but I’m certainly looking forward to doing what I can with them.

So, some Morland figures arrived the same day –

54mm 02 Mab 01Nice. I like those a lot.

Also, here’s some bases I started making with the stamps from the Happy Seppuku KS  – (oh crap, why didn’t take a picture of the actual stamps? shoulda…)

Sep Bases 01 Sep Bases 02I’m waiting for a set of Secret Weapon washes/Pigments to arrive before I finish those off – also that wood base is gonna get hit with a matt varnish which should tone it down a bit…

Here’s Lilith  (yeah, I see the hairs stuck on her coat now..)

Lil 02 Lil 04 Lil 05

I wish you guys could hear this Nina Hagen song that’s blasting while I’m doing this. I can add a music player? Is that right? maybe later… But a nice transition into some WIP’s like Bombshells Valkyrie (so close to done) –

Valkyrie 06Val 01 Val 02Been working on faces. Here’s the Girl (colors are all wrong, but the face is coming along) –Girl 06Girl 07She doesn’t look bad in hand, but blown up like this she’s a little garish.  -whatever.

Lastly, but not leastly, some TKP WIP –TKP 01 TKP 02 TKP 03See that hole I drilled into her left hand? There’s another sword that goes in that. The cleavage got a little obscured by paint, so I took a blade to it after. That should work out okay by the end.

That’s a wrap for now. There’s more, but I just felt like hitting some highlights.

Ha highlights….

giger girls

Hans Rudolf Giger

Giger Working

So, I had these Secret Weapon bases drying, and I thought I’d really need to see some minis on them to judge how successful the experiment was (I’m still not convinced, however…). Anyway, I had some RH Blood Vestals that I’ve been meaning to get to…. So, let’s get started.

Giger Banner Vestal –

Giger Banner 00Giger Banner 04 Giger Banner 12Giger Banner 11Giger Banner 18

So, fairly pleased with her, she’s a killer figure.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Because he was afraid to freehand the banner.

I just haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I haven’t sealed her, so I can go back in when I’ve got a plan. I was more concerned with the blue skin, honestly – I’ve never tried odd skin tones like this before. Also, I wanted to bang these two out quickly (two and half days from Primed to Based is pretty good for me). Oh my, I just reread that last sentence…

For the second girl (we’ll call her Lily Vestal), I inverted the colors on the hair and armor.

Giger Girl 01Giger Girl 00Giger Girl 12 Giger Girl 13 Giger Girl 14

I’ll go back in and do a little touch up on the faces – They read okay on the table, but blown up on the monitor I’m defiantly seeing room for improvement (coulda sworn I hit those eyes, oops).

Giger Girls Gone Wild –

Giger Girls 03

kinda, makes me wonder about what to do with the sci fi versions…