These are tiles I made from

Happy Seppuku Model Works’s

Your Board moulds, Texture Stamps, some Sculpey clay, and paint.

This is my first batch, which I raced thru on the day they arrived (…well most of the work happened then, tho I gave them a quick once over this morning).

Here they are basking in the summer heat:

SeppTown Final 00

SeppTown Final 01

SeppTown Final 02

SeppTown Final 03

Here’s some WIP’s:

SeppTown 02

SeppTown 09

SeppTown 11

SeppTown 08

Also, some bases I made with the stamps (and milliput) –

SeppTown 04SeppTown 03















and this is where I wrapped up the first day, feeling very good about it –

SeppTown 06

The 3″x3″, 2″x3″, 2″x2″, 1″x2″ ‘s all feel good. The larger one I made (a 5″x3″) seems like it’s living on borrowed time. I’ll try a 3″x4″ but that might be pushing it. Still, that’s a lot if choices.

I should also point out that having a variety of Texture Stamps really opens things up. I also wish I’d gotten more wall molds.

I started to think about where I could take these sets, and about buildings, and rudimentary structures – SeppTown 13

so these happened just yesterday…  SeppTown 14


– of course now I’m envisioning buildings with double backed wood-post supported 6″ long walls, second stories, front (and back) door, maybe a porch, etc.. but I need more clay.

Thanks, Sepp.




2 responses to “SeppTown

  1. I would like to know how you manage to make the triangular roof section, the dimensions, how you cutted the extra plugs and what dimension/mold you used for the rectangular section as well. Nice work!

  2. Pierre-Luc Marsan, thank you. I’m assuming that you’ve seen Happy Sepp’s Your Board tile mold. If you haven’t ..Here:
    Take a 1″ plug, cut it in half diagonally. Take another 1″ plug, turn it on it’s point (like a diamond), and place the two split pieces on either side (say the two bottom edges of the diamond). That should give you a solid triangle that measures 2″x2″x3″. I set the new triangle plugs in the corners of the mold, and filled in the clay (you have to hold down the plugs when you apply the clay, but they settle down once it’s packed). It’s harder to explain without pictures, but it’s really quite simple.

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