giger girls

Hans Rudolf Giger

Giger Working

So, I had these Secret Weapon bases drying, and I thought I’d really need to see some minis on them to judge how successful the experiment was (I’m still not convinced, however…). Anyway, I had some RH Blood Vestals that I’ve been meaning to get to…. So, let’s get started.

Giger Banner Vestal –

Giger Banner 00Giger Banner 04 Giger Banner 12Giger Banner 11Giger Banner 18

So, fairly pleased with her, she’s a killer figure.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: Because he was afraid to freehand the banner.

I just haven’t decided what to do with it yet. I haven’t sealed her, so I can go back in when I’ve got a plan. I was more concerned with the blue skin, honestly – I’ve never tried odd skin tones like this before. Also, I wanted to bang these two out quickly (two and half days from Primed to Based is pretty good for me). Oh my, I just reread that last sentence…

For the second girl (we’ll call her Lily Vestal), I inverted the colors on the hair and armor.

Giger Girl 01Giger Girl 00Giger Girl 12 Giger Girl 13 Giger Girl 14

I’ll go back in and do a little touch up on the faces – They read okay on the table, but blown up on the monitor I’m defiantly seeing room for improvement (coulda sworn I hit those eyes, oops).

Giger Girls Gone Wild –

Giger Girls 03

kinda, makes me wonder about what to do with the sci fi versions…


3 responses to “giger girls

    • Thanks Pride. I’m thinking the blue was a test run for Everblight. – tho now I’m wondering how purp or green might look (maybe the sci-fi vestals can help out with those colors as skin tones).

      • Mine were going to be blue but trollblood base feom p3 isnt actually blue and the teal wash is really strong but you know me purple is my favorite color and I think it would be awesome

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