Table Works 01

So, a candid shot of the worktable I took last week. What chaos!

Lesse, lots of priming was going on – my new priming formula is about 3 drops white/ 1 drop black/ 2 drops water; and I need to go around the model twice, but by the time I’ve completed a lap, the starting point is dry enuff to continue onto. Except for somethings, like the HD Fire djinn you see in the picture (laying down with his head on a rock, center left). Now that guy, with his labyrinth of nooks and crannies, I had to go over several times. He’s really pretty amazing. The reason I like this grey/white prime is that the details really jump out. Let me see if I have a good example… this’ll do – Ghost Skin 01 I started on her skin tone, but the rest is just primer. If you look back up at the table, you’ll see her in the back.

The other thing going on is the basing of the goyles, which was an adventure in milliput and painting rocks. I apologize for not documenting that experience in photos, I really should have. Part of the point of all this is to show what the process is really like, in hopes that actually it’s of benefit to someone. The thing is, I look at a bunch of tutorials by talented and knowledgeable painters, and they seem to know exactly when to take a picture of their progress. I just don’t yet, and I’m not gonna stop every 10 minutes to grab the camera. Long way of saying: I’m gonna try to get more of the ‘guesswork’ aspects down visually. Looking back, I really should have taken some pics of the milliput.

anything else? Oh, holding the minis while working on them – So, I’ve tried a bunch of different methods (as you can see from that flying panther up there), and the best for me is …well this – Shaman Basecoat 02

…which is a glob of poster tack (as in to put posters on the wall), that holds the mini to a small canister (in this case, I think it’s supposed to be for glitter – I found them wandering thru the aisles in Micheal’s one day …I was wandering, not them). And then I filled the canisters with sand, to give them some weight and so they won’t get knocked over every 5 minutes. Now, some mini’s don’t have that solid built in base, so – Corked 01

which I’m calling ‘corked’ – Pin thru the foot, inserted into a (half) cork, tacked to the glitter cans. Quite a contraption, but super effective, and I don’t knock them over every 5 minutes. Lastly, some are gonna be too heavy for the poster tack, like our friend the Djinn here – Pinned 01

So we’re gonna sacrifice that pin vise to the djinn volcano, and just work on him like that. And since that guy is just begging to fall over everytime you breathe – Pinned 02

that’ll do for now, I think. Basically, you’ll get really tired of knocking them over.  Ah, shoulda called this ‘the sound of one mini falling’



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