Wow, getting burnt on writing these up…

One of the final flings with the hard contrast prime –

Neph Prime 01 Neph Prime 02

– and a little wing action

Neph Wing 01 Neph Wing 02

– some basecoat

Neph Basecoat 02 Neph Basecoat 03 Neph Basecoat 04

– Rockin outNeph Base 01 Neph Base 02 Neph Base 03

Total Neph-out on the rag I clean the brush on (I’ll try to include more stains next time)Neph Cloth 02 Neph Cloth

finally some grizzly details – Neph Details 01 Neph Details 02 Neph Details 03

Cleaning him up wouldn’t be a bad idea – he seems to have attracted some fuzzies. Also, I need to get those eyes done, and there’s a chip over on his tunic (I just haven’t had any red mixed since it happened). I’m gonna use him in Hell Dorado in my Demon faction, which is why the base is so large – I think he’s gonna be the great damned one of wrath or …whatever, some damned thing.

I like him.


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