Frank Frazetta (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010) Ffrazetta













Now it starts to get good –

Garzetta Prime 01More experimental (now outdated) priming strangeness – and a quick stab at the wings – Garzetta Wing 01

Then finally some color (Gasp!) –

Garzetta Red 01 Garzetta Red 03 Garzetta Red 04

Now, check out that right knee. I didn’t even realize that was a skull. I thought it was armor, there’s no picture on Reaper figures (I mean, would it KILL them? …is that part of their contract with the devil? “No Pictures!!”). Then when I realized it, for a second I was thinking I’d just leave it. The moment when I said ‘no flock that, I’m doin it’, was a real turning point. It’s my favorite part of the model.

Sorry, a bunch of the interim work didn’t get captured, I got on a roll with him, and was fixing him to the flagstone before I thought about the camera. So here’s a slew – Garzetta Base 01 Garzetta Base 02 Garzetta Base 04 Garzetta Cloth 01 Garzetta Cloth 02 Garzetta Cloth 03

That’s the squad leader right there.


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