Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950)

…or Goylezilla, now that I think about it.

There’s not that much to say – the green was giving me trouble. He got darker, he got lighter. Easily the least successful gargoyle (he usually sits in the back), but I’m getting a little ahead…

Gargoyle 3 Primed Garzan 02



Primed Black –









I don’t remember why he was blue – It was right around the time of Pride’s Emperor Scorpion, tho.





I think the green started with the wing, which was promising (at first)Garzan In Green (4) Garzan In Green (5)


Then onto the main man – Garzan In Green (2)Garzan In Green (1)

Then began the more green/ less green/ more green. Eventually I just stuck the wings on (which were also not very cooperative, anymore), still very unsatisfied with his progress (regress/ ungress) Garzan too Green (1) Garzan too Green (3)

Then I took a long break –

I think I spent a lot of time on Garzetta, which was more complex, but went a lot smoother. I didn’t come back to Garzan till I was almost ready to base all of them, and using the other finished gargoyles as a kind of contrast, worked on him for an afternoon, and actually kind of liked him again. Here’s some shots from after I regained some control and of the flagstone/slate base in progress – and a gratuitous crazy angleGarzan Base 01 Garzan Base 02

Which brings us to more or less finished – Garzan Cloth 02Garzan Cloth 01

He’s okay. I probably coulda done better. What I wanted, was a shaft of light coming down over his left shoulder, side of the face, and down to his right knee. That’s what I was trying for, and I feel like I barely got there – If I didn’t just point it out, I don’t think you’d see it. So, I’ll have to think about that… also that base coloring could use a touch up.

I’ll come back to him one day.



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