goylecraft – the accident at the doorstep

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937)


So, after messing around with Garzetta’s sword (which involved this odd combination of Val transparent smoke and Reaper tarnished brass), I started to think that maybe adding a little color to the remaining figures might not be a bad idea. I started with Goylecraft’s wings, because I wanted to get them out of the way (so I could clip the stem on the pin, and drill the hole in the garg’s back – as some of you may recall). So, I thought, why not give the spines a little zip, and created some weird concoction (I really should start writing these formulas down), which resulted in this –GoyleCraft Wing 02 GoyleCraft Wing 01…and I became enormously pleased – coinciding nicely with defeating the last remnants of my cold (which I think Moneypenny caught).

So, glancing back at Goylecraft, I realized the lighter stone idea probably wasn’t going to work out after all…

GoyleCraft basecoat 01 and began building a new basecoat for him. I remember using the Val smoke, and some kind of darkened steel/tarnished brass in the begining, but then it became a wild improvisation of grabbing a drop of this and that – the end result was a couple of nice shadow and highlight shades, which went on great, and really got the feel of what I was after. Sorry, there’s no pics of this first time around the track, but it was fairly successful and exciting.

So, one thing I’ve learned about becoming excited about successes – walk away. Watch a movie, read X-men, maybe paint a set a wings…reboot. Because whenever I push straight on, I become my own worst enemy. I am Doctor Doom.

Which is exactly what happened next. I decided that the mid-range needed to blend a little more, and within 10 minutes had completely undone everything that was working so well. Furthermore, I couldn’t remember the formula I had wound up with, or even exactly which paints had gone into it. But, I could still kinda ‘see it’ in my mind. I knew it was on the table there somewhere. So, I had lunch, and did other stuff for a while.

Later, I came back with a vengeance.  First, I went back to the wings – a little touch up to get my eyes working with those shades again (oh, I hadn’t messed up the wings) –

GoyleCraft Wing 03 GoyleCraft Wing 04 …feeling good – I mean, that’s actually better. So, I put on a slew of new pornographers albums, and

GoyleCraft 07 GoyleCraft 01 GoyleCraft 02 GoyleCraft 03

…some nice textures in there – very pleased. Still a ways to go, for sure, but I think I cleared some hurdles. By the way, these results surpass the first attempt that was lost.

Lastly, some group shots. The gargoyles are all in various stages, but the overall feel is starting to present itself –

GoyleCraft 06 GoyleCraft 05 GoyleCraft 04

Group Hug 01

So, I guess we’ll have to go on to a part two, coz Goylecraft isn’t really done yet. But, for now I can breathe a little easier, and enjoy the second season of game of thrones, without concerned thoughts about tarnished gargoyles haunting me.



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