karloff’s saga

William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969) – Boris Karloff

okay, first pictures I took came after a bit of shading – which I returned to several times (and now, I know it’s normal, but it was driving me a little crazy at first)Karloff 01Karloff 02

the lighting is messing with it a bit, making it appear like those highlights were my contribution – they weren’t. by the way the photo’s are only altered in that I tried to bring down some glare and reveal some of the shadows – if anything the pictures attempt to expose the mistakes, not hide them.

here we jump ahead a bit  – I added the silver to karloff’s nails, teeth, & eyes. his right eye has an awful gouge that i didn’t catch in cleaning, and i did what i could – which wasn’t great.

also, in order to really show you the mistakes,  I took these next pictures thru the mag light (it throws a strange lighting on it so you can really see the errors). it’s interesting that I see it this way half the time I’m working on it – the other half I pull away, and just work under a 75w bulb – I’m always startled when I see it under normal conditions, coz it suddenly looks great!

lastly, in the photo’s it looks like I made the base a dirty brown, which I didn’t – but now that I see it, I will (once the brown paint arrives)Karloff 03Karloff 04Karloff 05

okay, those pictures are pretty gross, see what I mean about the mag light? – he looks a lot better in person.

onto the wings.

the first thing I want to show you is the underside. I like the stone effect I got early on (a lot, actually), but when I matched it to the body, it just got lost, and kinda washed out. so, when I was playing with the silver paint, I just decided to hit the spines (?) underneath to bring ’em out.

so before –Karloff Wing 01and after –Karloff Wing 02looks a little crappy – but I’m looking at him on the desk right now, and he looks fine.

so, my real problem with the wings was the back. I went over them and over them, and everything was right as far as highs and lows, but it wasn’t working. they got bland and lifeless, and were the one part of the figure that started moving backwards on me the more time I spent on ’em. so, tonight I mixed up some bizarre concoction to darken ’em and give them some …I don’t know exactly what I was goin’ for, but I liked what I found.

so, bland & lifeless (and kinda messed up) –Karloff Wing 03

and tonight’s unremembered concoction –Karloff Wing 04

okay, lookin better. I gave it some tasty highlights that the camera (actually a psvita) utterly fails to capture, and presented them to karloff for inspectionKarloff Wing 05I wouldn’t say he waited patiently either – with his scowl & fist waving…Karloff Wing 06oh, he likes it!

now, I’m gonna have to do something about getting decent pictures of the finished figures, coz these don’t accurately represent what he looks like – but here they are anyway – Karloff 06Karloff 07

oh, man those are horrible, I have no idea why I couldn’t get that glare under control – but he looks good on this table. maybe I’ll try to get some daylight pic’s later, and then update.

UPDATE – a bit better – Karloff 08 Karloff 10 Karloff 12 Karloff 11there’s still some fine tuning to do an the teeth, nails, base, whatever else I notice…

well, that’s a start…the next one will be better


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